Recent press, interviews & reviews


The Guardian, “How to Fix Capitalism”, May 8, 2019
A point of view on how shared success could help fix America’s broken system.

KGNU Colorado Radio Interview, May 7, 2019
An interview and discussion with host Liz Lane.

The New Yorker, Daily Comment, January 22, 2019
“In “Can American Capitalism Survive?,” a new book that is attracting attention in Washington, Steven Pearlstein…contends that the singular focus on “maximizing shareholder value” has “led business leaders to abandon their role as proud stewards of the American system.”

New York Times, Opinion: “The Remoralization of the Market” by David Brooks, January 10, 2019
"As Steven Pearlstein puts it in his outstanding book, Can American Capitalism Survive? “Old-fashioned norms around loyalty, cooperation, honesty, equality, fairness and compassion no longer seem to apply in the economic sphere.”

Vox’s The Big Idea, “Is America’s future capitalist or socialist?”, January 7, 2019
A debate with Bhaskar Sunkara about the best way to fix the current iteration of American capitalism: fix it, or abandon it for socialism?

Capitalisn’t podcast
A conversation with hosts Luigi Zingales & Kate Waldock about the role of the media in a capitalist economy.

Vox debate, “Is capitalism worth saving?”, January 2, 2019
A back and forth with Sean Illing about where the country can go from here.

David Pakman Show, December 8, 2018
Interview with radio & television host David Pakman for a segment titled, “How Capitalism Is Broken.”

NBC Think, “Why American capitalism is failing”, November 26, 2018
A short format video tracing the failings of American capitalism from their roots in the 1980s.

NPR’s Morning Edition, November 3, 2018
Interview with host Scott Simon about where we are now with the economy, heading into midterm elections.

New York Times, Opinion: “Inequality Makes People Hate” by David Leonhardt, November 2, 2018
”Pearlstein’s book is called, “Can American Capitalism Survive?”, and it is full of much more wisdom. It’s the capstone of decades of his reporting and writing on the subject.”

Interview with Kara Swisher at The Commonwealth Club, October 19, 2018
An hour-long conversation with the leading Silicon Valley journalist about the current state of American capitalism, covering income inequality, executive compensation, unions and more.

The Guardian op-ed, “It’s time to abandon the cruelty of meritocracy”, October 13, 2018
"If genuine equality of opportunity is neither possible nor even desirable, then we must acknowledge that luck must always play a significant role in who achieves economic success. No matter how hard we might try to make it otherwise, there is a fundamental and irreducible level of unfairness to market competition, one that undermines the moral legitimacy of market outcomes and provides a justification for taking reasonable steps to make them more equal.”

Washington Post review
"As a diagnosis of the ills of “late capitalism,” this book delivers a trenchant critique of the ravages of inequality and a passionate cry for greater balance.”

The Axe Files, October 8, 2018
An hour-long discussion with host David Axelrod at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, covering Pearlstein’s own personal history, as well as the historical and economic underpinnings of today’s troubled capitalist society.

Politics & Prose book talk, September 26, 2018
A video of the author’s talk and subsequent Q&A at Washington’s leading independent book store.

New York Journal of Books review
“Pearlstein has written a book that underscores difficult economic and social problems and suggests how to confront them with policies that are moral as well as practical…This book is full of deep insights and good ideas.”

Book recommendations, The Week
A suggested reading list, from Adam Smith to Francis Fukuyama.

C-Span, September 16, 2018
A 50-minute discussion with host Steve Scully on the anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis.

Kirkus review
“A provocative pulse-reading, the answer to whose title is probably yes—but at what cost?”